Work Based Learning Virtual Reality Grant Awarded To Sparkki

Work Based Learning Virtual Reality Grant Awarded To Sparkki

Sparkki Awarded Grant For Work Based Learning App
Sparkki Awarded Grant For Work Based Learning App

The Obama presidential administration had the foresight to start exploring how the next version of the internet would look like and helped create US Ignite.

Kansas City, MO and Salt Lake City, Utah where chosen as the pilot programs to start building smart cities or Smart Gigabit Communities in the United States. The Utah Ignite chapter of US Ignite together with the Lehi Chamber Of Commerce have been helping promote start ups and reverse pitches to help create use cases for a gigabit infrastructure with a ultra low latency network.

“Consequently, when I first heard about Utah Ignite, I wasn’t sure how I could use it for education purposes. Then I began asking myself, what direct problem does ultra-low latency solve in education? I realized that it was simulating environments had latency issues. Virtual reality education credentialing with Sparkki would be the answer to how we could use the features of a gigabit infrastructure. ” says Marcelo Bayon, CEO of Sparkki Inc, the grant recipient.

We look forward to working with Utah Ignite to develop this virtual reality technology to better serve our and develop human capital.

Work Based Learning

Work Based Learning Virtual Reality Grant Awarded To Sparkki! Utah Ignite working together with US Ignite and Lehi Chamber Of Commerce has help Sparkki receive a grant for building a virtual reality classroom that will help simulate being in a classroom. This will then be credentialed and encrypted using Sparkki blockchain technology.

Work based learning with virtual reality and blockchain technology got a boost through a Utah Ignite Grant awarded to Sparkki

Micro credentialing virtual reality learning experiences with Sparkki.

Award for work based learning application was given by Utah Ignite and you can see the article here.

Read More About Work Based Learning

Visit more at or read more at Sparkki’s blog.

More About US/Utah Ignite

US Ignite is pleased to announce the proposals accepted as part of our recent round of Application Development Awards announced opened for submission in August of 2018. The Application Development Awards provide up to ten thousand dollars in funding per proposal submitted and accepted from one of our Smart Gigabit Communities (SGC).

This round of awards a total of eighty thousand dollars to improve community impacts and support local application developers, adding to previous rounds that have created a total of three hundred thousand dollars of investments in the development of local gigabit applications and services. Leaders in each of our Smart Gigabit Communities worked with development teams to identify the most promising gigabit applications in their regions.

These awards are provided with generous support from the National Science Foundation through their ongoing support for the advancement of next-generation networks. Congratulations to each of the development teams and their communities.

More About Marcelo Bayon

Marcelo Bayon is the Chief Executive Officer of Sparkki Inc. Moxy, grit, brains, and spunk, as well as his will to win is what sets Marcelo apart from other founders.

More About Sparkki

Sparkki is an education online credentialing platform that allows users to easily prove their knowledge and competency. We want to help organizations turn their employees into their competitive advantage.

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