Tools For Channel Partners

Tools For Channel Partners

We wanted to share tools that we had created to empower our channel partners. This will be a repository for the tools needed to supplement the start of a relationship with a new instructor.

Channel Partner Power Up
Channel Partner Power Up

Follow the path down this post to discover the tools in the cloud we have provided for instructors.

Here is what you will use to explain the outline for setting up your course.

Sparkki Brand Ecosystem

As we can see from the diagram above, the brand ecosystem is cross-selling each other. The online courses section of the brand ecosystem offers a mixture of all learning and consuming styles of your audience. Books and social media group entrance can even be added bonuses to our online course offering.


Next we have the willingness to pay slope or what others call a value ladder.

Willingness to pay slope or value ladder. Tools
Willingness to pay slope or value ladder.

The online course can fit any part of the slope including free courses. You can also do 101, 201, 301, or mastery courses which can be priced at whatever the instructor chooses.

The next tool we have is a high level overview of what will needed to be accounted for in a successful online course.

Teacher On-boarding

Below we have a fill in the blank of the curriculum.

Outline For Courses Any Platform

The 100 Course Idea sheet is a quick way for you to think out different course topics on what you should be teaching.

100 Course Ideas

This strategy planner allows you to plan in advance what content you want to release and lets you categorize it by the type of media that it is from blog post to video.

Content Strategy Planner Template

Next we have examples of how courses help those with employees to train like franchises and medium sized businesses.

Learn How To Save Money On Training & Operations

The next tool we see is our 40 page white paper. This research paper goes in depth of the on the four research based education theories Sparkki was built around. More importantly, it lets you see the future vision of Sparkki and how it plans to grow.

Sparkki White Paper

Now just because we are providing just this for now in tools, does not mean we will not continue to create more tools. Here are some of the upcoming tools we will be making:

  • 20 Case studies.
  • More fill in the blank.
  • Online Course
  • Blog Posts
  • Tip Sheet
  • Checklists
  • More Infographics
  • Social Media Posts
  • FAQS
  • Quizzes


Happy Customers

Sparkki has given my team and I the competitive edge that we were looking for. We have been able to launch five courses without needing to hire a developer, designer, or a communications expert and get our courses to the market that much faster.

With pre-launches and our existing audience, we could quickly see what was working and what was not. Once we figured out what was working, we would amplify our efforts with the right paid traffic channels and new course ideas became very easy to test.

That’s just the beginning though. We focus on our students to get them the results they are looking for by measuring exactly how far they get into a course and where they need the extra help.

The analytics that Sparkki provides are unreal down to the exact seconds where students drop off even! That’s when my team steps in with the extra help, evaluating the course content and sending out new content releases to all of the students. Amazing tool!

Thank you and we look forward to speaking to you. You can reach out with any questions to: or 8018794679

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