Sparkki Weekly Progress #16 – Account Management

Sparkki Weekly Progress #16 – Account Management

New Features

  • New navigation (Left and dropdown)
  • Added development environment for external services
    • Migrated over to a CDN for a more consistent delivery of content
  • Profile changes
    • Update school name
    • Update First and Last name
    • Change your email
    • Change your password
    • Delete account
    • Developer API for school information
  • Account and billing
    • Launched final pricing for customer-facing application
    • View your next billing date
    • View the next amount you owe
    • View your payments you have made
    • Cancel membership
    • Change plans
    • View payment methods
  • Students view changes
    • Added support for long-form PDF files
    • Added support for a list of lessons for each of the modules
    • Integrated new player for students view
    • Added background image for the audio player
  • Added drip content support to lock and unlock lessons based on time
    • The time release is relative to the students time
    • Accept 365 days in the future
    • Accept time in a 24-hour format
    • The lesson is displayed on the students view with Lock
  • Sortable lessons based on drag and drop
    • Removed the weight from the UI
    • Integrated draggable functionality for items in the list
    • Process which updates all the weights when weights are changed
    • Weights reflects in the student’s view
  • All-Star Course Launcher now available
    • Access to training on how to build a profitable course
    • Detect if a user has registered if not registered them via the API
    • Removed the logout functionality menu from the course


  • Added support for N number of modules in the student portal
  • Fixed a bug with “Flashing” left navigation when items are disabled (Example syllabus)
  • Fixed issue with the video being scrolled on the visual builder
  • Fixed syllabus bug with more than 120,000 lines of markup
  • Fixed audio not playing for audio files on student’s view
  • Fixed Visual Designer issue with mobile and tablets viewports

Rick is the lead developer for architecting and designing the online services available with Sparkki. Everything from the mobile application to the cloud services that power your virtual school. Rick’s background is in Computer Science and Education. He has worked with The University of Utah, JSecademy, ConexED, and has also founded several other startups.