Microcredential Your Micro Learning With Education Blockchain!

Microcredential Your Micro Learning With Education Blockchain!

Microcredential and Microlearning
Microcredential and Microlearning

Get To Know All About Microcredentialing, Microlearning, And The Future Of Edtech

Microcredentials and microlearning is the future of edtech. We

We have been talking about how the proof of learning can be applied to blockchain, we have talked about how independent instructors( authors, bloggers, coaches, consultants, digital tutors, educators, healers, instructors, speakers, trainers, youtubers, etc ) now we will talk about putting it all together.

This is a work in progress and will keep this blog post updated as things change and are developed.

How microcredential will it affect independent instructors and digital tutors?

Authors, bloggers, coaches, consultants, creators, corporate trainers, educators, healers, instructors, etc are able to teach their own lessons to their audience of students.

Using Sparkki’s intuitive learning experience builder or virtual schools, independent instructors are able to build their own online school. We prefer the name independent instructors over digital tutors because we find that digital tutors sounds more like an educator for a younger minded person. That being said our focus is to reach out and capture the millennial and centennial generations. For that reason we wanted to have a real edtech talk about why we chose independent instructors over digital tutors.

Empowered by virtual schools this indepedent instructor crowd is able to launch white label online courses for their audience without having to be technical. We make the experience as intuitive as possible.

We created this willingness to pay infographic to show where an online course would fit into the independent instructor value ladder:

Where does micredential online course fall in the value ladder?
Where does micredential online course fall in the value ladder?


Independent instructor sounds more like a corporate trainer that went rogue or broke off to teach. We are super excited to empower our independent instructors with our microcredentialing blockchain technology.

“I believe there is a unique opportunity in the world of education technology now that blockchain is easier than ever to build with, and I believe Sparkki are the ones to pull it off.” says Jake Wiser from Science Blockchains and Neureal.

How microcredential  will affect microlearning?

Microcredentials and microcredentialing will allow employers to view applicants, employees, managers, partners, recruits, students, etc to show off what they have learned in their individual careers.

Using a system of badges that are held in an open source decentralized ledger known as Sparkki Student ID.

The 3 sided marketplace of employers, students, and instructors all have their own unique gives and gets.

Microcredential Utah Education Tech Company Start Up
Sparkki Education Blockchain Looking To Disrupt Education Industry With Decentralization

Decentralized learning will empower independent academies, lyceums, universities, trade schools, recruiters, employers, and anyone looking to be able to create and show the proof of learning.

Proof of learning is going to be one of the biggest use cases for microcredential decentralized micro learning.

Here is an example of a microcredential application:

Microcredential Sparkki Education Blockchain

What can we do with edtech in Salt Lake City?

We have all heard about the industrial era education system that has dominated the way mainstream education in the United States. We have seen the rise of MOOCs, or massively open massive courses, become popular as the internet matured in the early 2010s.

In response, Sparkki is improving upon existing technology by building a foundation that uses the Ethereum blockchain, machine learning, and four education theories to increase online student graduation rates (which have historically hovered at 10%), increase teacher’s incomes, and make sure that employers can hire students with market-ready skills with a base level of competency.

Sparkki, a Salt Lake City-based education cryptocurrency and online learning management platform is utilizing revolutionary blockchain technology to bring consensus between employers, students, and teachers to make sure that teachers are teaching students the skills they need to be globally competitive in the workforce day one.

Why Sparkki?

Sparkki’s primary focus is on increasing student graduation rates using four research-based, proven educational theories that cater to different styles of learners- no matter what the subject matter or level.

Employers are able to offer tokens on their job posting encouraging job seekers to take courses based on the skills the employer needs to fill their positions. Students that rise to the challenge of taking the courses will accept the employer’s tokens, take the course and complete it.

The employer receive a notification that the student completed the course and can see an overview of the student’s performance. The employer now knows that there is at least a base level of competency and can then schedule to start the interview process with the student.

How microcredential  will lead the next generation of blockchain?

Using blockchain decentralized bundles of education records that include but are not limited to:


Microcredential With Sparkki Student ID
Microcredential With Sparkki Student ID


What microcredential  will means for adult learning?

A lean an agile way of learning in the 21st century. Any independent instructors( authors, bloggers, coaches, consultants, digital tutors, educators, healers, instructors, speakers, trainers, youtubers, etc ) can build and launch their own school effortlessly.

Online School Center made a really cool infographic explaining how microcredentials can be used for helping educators in the education system stay on top of their skills.

When independent instructors( authors, bloggers, coaches, consultants, digital tutors, educators, healers, instructors, speakers, trainers, Youtubers, etc)

When will you start using the power of the microcredential?

We believe the future edtech is lean. The future of edtech is misison focused. Edtech can be customized and personalized. One to many and more importantly one to one with course cloning features.


Microcredentials Inforgrahpic
Microcredentials Inforgrahpic

If you want to get more information about Sparkki and how we are executing on our mission see below:


You can read our research paper to find our what research theories we built Sparkki with. There are four research education theories you can chose  to teach with. Using Sparkki teacher analytics you can help your students wherever they are on their learning journey. We want you to succeed!

You can find our White Paper here:
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You can find our Press Release here:
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