Latino Entrepreneurs Empowered Campaign

Latino Entrepreneurs Empowered Campaign

Latino Entrepreneur Empowered

Latinos & Latinas are being empowered by education technology company Sparkki. The Latino Entrepreneurs Empowerment will give away one free license for Sparkki to an entrepreneurial Latino/Latina.

Sparkki’s contest is open to any Hispanic/Latino/Latina, the application process involves simply registering for the giveaway using the form below. The winner will be able to choose to teach any subject for either employees, customers, or another audience of their choice.  The winner will be selected on October 15, 2018.

By creating an online course for customers, businesses can better establish their presence as an industry expert. The course hosted on Sparkki will be another tool in their professional arsenal that the winner can use to monetize their impact if they so choose.

If the winner chooses to create a learning management system for employees, they will be able to onboard new talent faster and in a streamlined process, thus systemizing the on-boarding process and reducing training expenses as well.

The course creation is an 8-week process, which will begin after the winner is chosen. By the end of the 8 weeks, the winner will have a self-paced online course which will include a sales page, checkout page, and the learning management system on the back end for fulfillment.

Sparkki believes that by empowering Latino entrepreneurs, it will help enable them to build wealth in their communities.

The winner of the contest will receive:

  • Sparkki’s Platinum Higher Education Plan
    • Create virtual school with self-serve using the Sparkki
    • 512 GB of monthly storage and streaming
    • Custom domain name mapping
    • Participate in focus groups
    • Promoted as one of our “success story”
    • Course creation
    • 24/7 support
    • Curriculum design
    • Done for you service

Benefits of Sparkki:

  • Sparkki – The best platform for your students to excel with online education
    • Online Learning Management System
    • Track student enrollment
    • Course branding
    • Define modules
    • Define lessons
    • Release achievements
    • Create assignments
    • Create resources
    • Online course security
    • Offer support for your students

Journey Map

We created this infographic to help understand the process of what will be needed to start for an educator/content creator.

If you believe that you’re ready please apply here: